TXM portal

The TXM portal software is a J2EE compliant web application: installation instructions.

  • Current release:
    • TXM_Portal_0.6.1beta1
  • Older releases (obsolete):
    • TXM_Portal_0.6alpha2
    • TXM_Portal_0.5beta11
    • TXM_WEB_0.4beta1_Linux32
    • TXM_WEB_0.4beta1_Linux64


ANNOUNCE-0.4-beta1-FR.md Friday 22 July 2022 15:27

Please contact us at ‘textometrie AT ens-lyon.fr’ for further information.

The TXM team


  1. warning: beta level release is for experienced users testing purpose.  2

  2. warning: alpha level release is not fully documented and should only be considered for development team testing purpose.