Welcome to TXM 0.8.1


In addition to fixing many bugs, this new version includes some notable new elements:

  • consolidation of TXM 0.8.0 architecture and TXM GUI
  • restoration of TXM update service to benefit from improvements more regularly
    • Warning: under Windows, TXM must be launched in administrator mode to be able to do an update
  • fonctionnalities:
    • Annotation by concordances: consolidation and optimization of backup time
    • back to text: new preference to choose where the text edition is opened
    • Lexicale Table: new Fmax parameter
    • charts:
      • Copy chart keyboard shortcut: Ctrl-C
      • restore graphics to SVG format for Ubuntu users
    • Co-occurrences:
      • better accuracy of co-occurrents count and mean distance computing
      • better links to concordances
    • Specificities: export correction
    • Transcriber Import: new hyperlinks between transcription edition and media playback
    • Corpus: new export options

Find out all changes in TXM 0.8.1 development tickets.


The following extensions have been updated for TXM 0.8.1:

  • TreeTagger software: installation on Mac OS X Catalina
  • TreeTagger en, fr models
  • Media Player: new synchronization parameters to the media files, remote playback of media files with access control
  • Unit-Relation-Schema (URS) annotation

Using TXM

See the ‘Help’ menu entries and the following online resources:

Feedback and bug reports

  1. Check if your feedback is not already reported in the TXM platform bug tracker
  2. If not, send your feedback either:

Please contact us for further information.

The TXM team