Welcome to TXM 0.8.2


In addition to fixing many bugs, this new version includes some notable new elements:

  • fixes and consolidation of TXM 0.8.1 architecture and TXM GUI
    • CQL errors shown when the query syntax is broken
    • Specificities columns layout
    • A propos: display commons paths of TXM
  • fonctionnalities:
    • TXT Query : natural language queries. e.g “I’m looking for a word”
    • Edition command : new search button
    • Concordances command : new pattern option for references. e.g “%s: %s” to format references.
    • Properties command: add a doc/indexl.html file to the corpus to display the corpus documentation
  • Utilities
    • New “Utilities” main menu: direct acces to all utilities
    • Install&UpdateMacros: install or update from TXM SVN sources
    • Table2XML: transform a Table file (Excel, ODS, TSV) into XML-TEI files ready to be imported in TXM
    • Vocapia2TRS: transform Vocapia transcription files into XML-TRS files ready to be imported in TXM
  • Import modules
    • new management of w@id in sources
    • XML-XTZ:
      • re-tokenize : tokenizer option to retokenize w words of XML sources
    • XML-TRS
      • specicifiq import options to tune editions
    • XML-TMX
      • the module was broken in TXM 0.8.1

Find out all changes in TXM 0.8.2 development tickets.


The following extensions have been updated for TXM 0.8.2:

  • TreeTagger software: installation on Mac OS X Catalina
  • TreeTagger models: en, fr models
  • TreeTagger: enable the Train and Tag commands on corpus
  • Media Player: restore media player for Ubuntu users
  • Unit-Relation-Schema (URS) annotation :
    • compute Index, Concordance and References using the URSQL (URS query language)
    • auto-save annotations when the annotation interface is up
    • annotate Units in Concordances
    • the properties view value validation process indicates when a new value is input

Using TXM

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Feedback and bug reports

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  2. If not, send your feedback either:

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