TXM 0.8.2 beta Download

Windows 7 and 10 (64 bit) Mac OS X 10.14 Ubuntu 18.04 and 20.04


In addition to fixing many bugs, this new version includes some notable new elements:

  • General Interface
    • Systematic display of calculation progress
    • Simplified access to utilities (macros) from the main menu
    • Corrected display of results tables (row heights under Mac OS X)
  • Search engines
    • New full text search from edition pages:
      (equivalent to the ‘Ctrl-F’ of common applications: Firefox, Thunderbird, Writer, Calc, etc.)
    • Simplification of the search for sequences of words in CQP (you enter the sequence directly)
      • for example, typing ‘parce que’ (without quotation marks) searches for the query [word="parce"] [word="que"]
    • Simplification of word search by other engines than CQP, depending on the installed extensions and available annotations:
      • TIGER Search’ extension: search in syntax trees (‘TIGER’ engine)
      • URS Annotation’ extension: search in URS units (‘URSQL’ engine)
  • Concordances
    • New possibility to format Concordances references
    • Use of words from an edition page to launch a concordance (select the words in the page, then launch the concordance)
  • Annotation
    • Redesign of CQP annotation bars by concordances
    • Better protection of CQP annotations saving
    • New URS annotation by Concordances (URS extension)
  • Calling R scripts in Windows fixed
  • New corpus export option in ‘TXM 0.7.9’ format (for TXM 0.6.3 portals)

Find out all changes in TXM 0.8.2 development tickets.


The following extensions have been updated for TXM 0.8.2:

  • TreeTagger software: installation on Mac OS X Catalina
  • TreeTagger en, fr models
  • Media Player: new synchronization parameters to the media files, remote playback of media files with access control
  • Unit-Relation-Schema (URS) annotation

Installation Prerequisites

  • you need to have ‘new software installation privilege’ on your machine to install TXM
  • you need Internet access
  • TXM works on 64-bit machines
  • Windows
    • TXM is supported for Windows 7 and Windows 10
  • Mac OS X
    • TXM is supported for 10.14
      • Security settings: from Mac OS X 10.9 and upper, you need to change the system security settings to install TXM properly. Go to “System Preferences > Personal > Security” and allow applications downloaded from the Internet. If that preference is not set, the problem doesn’t occur at installation time, but at the first launch.
  • Linux
    • TXM is supported for Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04 and 20.04, and its variants (Xubuntu, Kubuntu, Lubuntu, etc.)
    • TXM installation process installs the following dependencies: zenity, po-debconf, libwebkitgtk-1.0-0, debconf, libc6 (>= 2.15), libgtk2-perl, libblas3, libbz2-1.0, libcairo2, libgfortran3, libglib2.0-0, libgomp1, libjpeg8, liblapack3, liblzma5, libpango-1.0-0, libpangocairo-1.0-0, libpaper-utils, libpcre3, libpng12-0, libreadline6, libtiff5, libx11-6, libxt6, tcl8.5, tk8.5, ucf, unzip, xdg-utils, zip, zlib1g.

Installation Instructions

  • verify the ‘Installation Prerequisites’ for your machine, see above
  • download the TXM setup file for your system and machine architecture (64-bit)
  • double-click on the TXM setup file icon
  • follow the instructions on screen: accept licence, etc.
    • note concerning Linux users: the first time you install TXM on a machine, you also need to quit your working session (logout) and login again to finalize the installation process.
  • run TXM once to finalize the setup process (see running instructions below)
  • you can now install TreeTagger (optional but recommended)
  • The End

Troubleshooting installation problems

TXM support is community based.

For further help concerning TXM installation:

  • consult the “Installer TXM sur sa machine” and the “En cas de problème avec le logiciel” sections of the TXM manual (in French)
  • consult the “Installation et mises à jour” section of the TXM users FAQ which lists some of the common installation problems people run into.
  • subscribe to the ‘txm-users’ mailing list and ask for help
  • chat online via IRC on the ‘#txm’ channel of the irc.freenode.net server
  • contact the TXM team by email at textometrie AT groupes.renater.fr

Running TXM

  • Windows
    • Menu ‘Start / TXM-0.8.2 / TXM-0.8.2’ (drag TXM application icon to the Quick Access Toolbar to add direct access)
  • Mac OS X
    • Navigate to the ‘Applications / TXM-0.8.2’ folder in the Finder and double-click on TXM application icon (drag TXM application icon to your Dock to add direct access)
  • Linux
    • Navigate to the ‘Installed Applications’ section in the Launchpad and double-click on TXM application icon (right-click on TXM icon in the Dock and select ‘Keep in Dock’ to add direct access)

Using TXM

See the ‘Help’ menu entries and the following online resources:

Feedback and bug reports

  1. Check if your feedback is not already reported in the TXM platform bug tracker
  2. If not, send your feedback either:

Please contact us for further information.

The TXM team


  1. Please note, under Ubuntu 20.04, the internal browser of TXM will not be able to display the pages of websites using the HTTPS protocol with a self-signed server certificate (like, for example, the pages of the new textometry project website).